What is the cause of the depression?

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As you all know life is just like a machine nowdays. All person are busy in his life. We all have to face problems and difficulties in our lives. We have no time to think of ourselves. And because of some reasons we can be depressed. In depression we are not able to think what is right or wrong. Some people tried to suicide other negative things because of depression .As ..if there is any big changes in your life that hurts you most that may be the reason of depression . As a strife,loss, breakup ,closer’s death money or financial problem, family matter ,etc. It can cause because of hormones changing menstrual cycle delivery etc.

Symptoms of depression
<You cannot sleep properly as you used to.
<You don’t feel hungry when you are in depression.
<You feel yourself guilty in depression. <You feel sadness all time. You feel tired and lazy at every time.
<You use intoxidant.
<You can think to suicide in depression. <You have to face deficiencies in concentration in any work.
<You don’t take interest in any work anywhere.
<Worrying more than before is also the cause of depression.
<In depression you feel like you’re lost everything.
<You like to live alone when you are in depression.
<You leave sad in happy environment.
<You leave very irritated and prostate from everything and everyone.
<You like to eat on healthy food more than healthy food when you are facing depression.
< You feel anger all the time .

Prevention tips for depression
Change your diet…..
when you are facing depression in your life then you should take healthy diet. <You should use a lot of water fruits dry fruits vegetables food which contain vitamins minerals and other nutrients. <You should use beetroot.
< You should use to some exercise and yoga.
<You should left fast food and steel food.
<Don’t use smoking and drinking.
<Spend some time at natural and silent place.
<Listen some light music.
<Go for morning walk.
<Spend some time with your favourite person.
<Spend some time with your pet also. <Spend some time with your family members relatives and friends.
< Try to be the part of social working. Don’t take stress.
<Do your favourite things.
<Go on tour with your favourite person.
<Do meditation to remove concentration problem.
<Use to read some books quotes or Article based on positive thoughts.
<Talk to your friends, family member and relatives about your problem and take their help.
<Make your own diary and write your thoughts there.
<Take rest.
< Sleep well.
<Take holidays from your office properly. <Don’t take any extra work responsibilities which irritate you.
<Don’t think about bad memories.
<Join gym and any other music or dance classes if you have time .
<Think about your future and make everyday positive and better than previous day.

There are many types of depressions as endogenous, dysmetria ,seasonal affective disorder, psychotic maskad and smiling depression. There are some major problems of depression in youth. Students can face depression problem because of their study, pressure of exams, family pressure for exams .

Today they are also waste their time on mobile, laptop or other social sites and so they are unable to complete their work on time and then they can deeply drawn in depression . In youth there are also a lot of reasons of depression.

First their job is the main reason .Some are complete their study, get all needy knowledge ,complete their diploma, graduation, post graduation, important courses and then they search for job. But there are a lot of people as needy. As if there is 10 vacancies there are two thousand students as needy. 10 student get their job and others thirty or forty percent Student start their business or any other private job to complete their basic needs but some are slowly going into depression . As you all read this article about depression,

Its symptoms and prevention. And in the result you all should be very strong. You should be helpful for your family members and other. Don’t make the fun of any poor are helpless person. You should help to needy person.

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