What is machine learning and types of machine learning

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Machine learning is a type of application of artificial intelligence. It provides the ability to system for automatic learning and improvement. For this thing machine use their own experience in the place of explicitly program. It always focus on the development of computer programs by which it can access the data and use for its own learning. There the learning is starts from the observation of data. The main purpose of machine learning is how to adjust the actions of any human intervention for assistance without computers automatically learning.

Type of machine learning. …….
1.Supervised machine learning. 2.Unsupervised machine learning .

  1. Semi supervised machine learning.
  2. Rein forcement machine learning.

Categories of machine learning on the basic of required output………

  1. regression
  2. clustering

Machine learning is a type of learning in which machine learns without explicitly program. Here we can generate a program which is made by the input and output of same program . here we feed data it means the input and output. When we run it then it develops it own program which can be evaluated during testing. We can say that a computer is doing the learning from experiences.

How machine learning works?…..
As you all see that in YouTube when you play romantic songs and see at least three or four videos and close. Then whenever you open then YouTube it displays the romantic songs more than other things. It means it reads your behaviour and do the things according to your need or search. As you are using any shopping site and you are searching for a line dress. When you tap on your dress which you want to buy then in the down of that dress there will be more related dresses .it is happened because it reads your behaviour and search .next time whenever you will open the site its shows you the things which you searched before. For these things machine learning is very important for all of us. It reads our behaviour and then walks on its own experiences . so when we feed best type of data then the learning models will be also best and users can get the best profit. Now days technologies are very smart day by day. It targeted with advertisements. It is the most useful method which show their advertisement only on it targeted audience or user . there is also a lot of advantages of machine learning in health care industries . a lot of researchers and scientist prepared models which can train machines to identify the big disease as cancer. For this they feed the images of Cancer cell which are the different variations of Cancer cells. During the test of Cancer the use machine learning system for detecting the cancer cells. this was the long time process for human but with machine learning it doesn’t take extra last time.
Machine learning are also used in IMDB ratings ,Google photos, Google lens etc.it is depend on you that where or how you want to use machine learning. To make the right models machine learning need right data as text ,images ,recording, audio and videos. If it get a good quality data then it also have the good model learning .in the machine learning it can contact from past experiences to future actions.
If you also want to learn machine learning then you have to know about some pre regnisites. ….
as ->linear algebra

statistics and the probabilities
Graph theory.
Programming skills as languages.

What are the advantages of machine learning?……

it have a lot of applications as banking ,financial sector, Healthcare ,retail, publishing in industries etc .
Google and Facebook can post relevant advertisement with the help of machine learning.
It is used to handle multi dimensional and multi variety data in dynamics environment .
with the help of machine learning we can reduce time cycle and efficient utilisation of resources.
It have a lot of advantages as development of autonomous computers and software programs etc.

Machine learning courses…….

  1. Machine learning A to Z.
  2. Machine learning specialisation.
  3. principles of machine learning. 4.Advanced machine learning specialisation .
  4. learn machine learning

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