Top 5 Health Apps For Android’s User

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Hello everyone as you all know health is very important for us so let you know about size best Apps related to your health.

  1. Fabulous :motivate me
    It is very good and popular application for Android user. It is the best application related to your health. It helps you to keep yourself healthy. You can increase the energy level of of yourself by this application. You can also loss unwanted weight. You can accept good habits and healthy habits with the help of this application. It give you instructions to keep you healthy. It give instruction always by which you will not miss anything as it instruct you to woke up early in the morning ,eat healthy ,sleep well and loss weight.
    It helps you in waking up in the early morning. If it provide you the right diet for your tired body. It give you full energy in 5 hours if you follow its instructions. It help you to sleep well in the night. You can download it at Play Store. It was nominated for AP of the year it is free for all. It is a science based application. It was updated on 6 October 2020. The size of this application is 55 MB. At is installed by 10 lacs plus peoples. Its current version is 3.64. It is the winner of Google material design award for most charming energy engagement .there is a library of meditations and exercise routine . you can become a meditation ,stretching routine or
    powercap whenever you want.
  2. Lifesum ..calorie counter ,macro tracker and reciepies.
    On the second number for your health it is very good for you. It provide you the right amount of calories for your food. It is a calorie counter application. With the help of this application you can get all the information about your health. You can follow diet plans easily. It is also available on Playstore. As you all know that we need right amount of calorie to live healthy. If we use right amount of calories than we can be healthy but if we use low amount of calories than our need then it harms us. We cannot be healthy and if we don’t wear the then we will speak and being weak mentally also full stop and if you use a lot of calories than your need then it also comes you. You get extra calorie then you get extra weight. And if you are shared fatty person that will really harms you. Because it is a big problem it is the root of a lot of diseases. You can also download it on Play Store. It is a good application related to your health. So if you want to live healthy download it and live healthy and Happy. It is a meal planner application. It gives you the knowledge of perfect diet for yourself. It was updated on 10 October 2020. Its size is warriors with devices. Its current version is various devices. Its interactive elements are based on digital purchases. It works as a food diary for you. It is called a diet tracker. It is also called a meal planner.

This application is for those who use phone before sleeping and in night. In night it really helps you because it has a really bad effects on eyes. If you use mobile phones before sleeping then it is best application for you. It is downloaded by millions of people will stop you can also downloaded by Play Store. With the help of this application you can take care of your eyes easily full stops as you all know that computers and mobile phones are very important for us and useful also. But they are really harms our eyes and mind also. The harmful rays of mobile phones and computers which affected our eyes really very bad. Ise are very important for us. So we have to care of our eyes daily. So if you want to keep your eyes healthy so download it and use it you can be healthy and keep your eyes healthy with the help of this app. It was tested on a Malot screen for 2.5 years without overburdening. It is very easy to use. Twilight is automatically adjust to the light of your screen and it really e take care of your eyes.

4.Swikrit:Wokout and Fitness app.
Is very important for your health. It is the best app for you. It is downloaded by more than 25 million people. It is really a good application for your help for you. With the help of this application you can know about right workout for you easily. By using this app you don’t have to go in any Gym. If you want to work out without the help of Jim then it is very useful for you and very best application for you. You get also the advice for doing exercise by which your body can be positive energy tech happy and healthy. It is a workout and fitness planet application. It is free for everyone for stop you can download it by Playstore. It is very easy and good to use. It is for those who want to workout. There you can find tips related to gym.
So if you want to be healthy then download it .

5. Google fit app
As you all see the name Google show the owner of this application is Google. It is is available on Google. You can download it free. It automatically track the activities of running biking cycling and walking with the help of it sensor. It is really a splendid application. You can also use it to know about fitness. You can also use it to know about health and information related to weight problems will stop you can access it with Google website also. It keep all the record of your speed. It keep of all the record of your pace. It keep all the record of related to your health. By which you can be motivate. You can check in from anywhere in the any corner of the world. You have to give it the information of your activities and your location history. It decrease the the problem of your health your diet problem your fitness problem etc. It is a best app for your health. So if you want to be healthy so download it. There you find a lot of tips and exercise tips fitness tips health problems tips and other things related to your health. If you want to leave happy and healthy then you have to download it right now. As you all see the name of this application Google so it is very best and beliable application.

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