Top 10 Cleanest City Worldwide

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Indore is a city of Madhya Pradesh. It is the biggest city of Madhya Pradesh according to its population. it is situated in India. It is ranked as India’s cleanest city for the fourth consecutive year by swachcha survekshan 2020. It is very clean and beautiful city. It is also known for the seven story Rajwada Palace and the Lal Bagh Palace. The population of Indore is more than 1 9.9 lacs according to 2011. this is a beautiful and a very good tourist destination. It is also famous for its beautiful bangles. It also called the food City. It is worldfamous for Handloom and handicrafts items, sarees, namkeens and electronics. It is the most populous city in Madhya Pradesh. It is also the largest metropolitan city in India. Indore is rich as Mumbai so it is called Mini Mumbai also. It is the cleanest city of India as F
Ranked first.


It is also a clean city in Canada. It is a city in the Western Canadian province of Alberta. The nicknames of Calgary city is the stampede City, cowtown, Monkinstsis,wichispa oyade and guts ists.
The reason where it is situated is Calgary Metropolitan region. It was founded in 1875. It was announced as town in 7 November 1884. And announced as a city in 1 January 1894. It is the world’s cleanest city. Here you find water cleanliness and availability sea which system traffic congestion waste removal and cycling and air pollution .Calgary is known for Canadian Pacific Railway headquarters, Calgary stampede ,.
Roxboro is the richest area in Calgary. The meaning of Calgary is cold and garden. This city is also as its meaning means cold and garden .it is very beautiful and very unique City.


It is a Global Centre for Banking and Finance. It is lies at the north end of lake zuric in north and Switzerland. It is known as a banking City. It is famous for luxurious Lifestyle ,high in shopping and fancy chocolates. It was generally very safe to visit. It is also most expensive city of rich and expensive country. It is the biggest city of Switzerland. Zurich is also the capital of Switzerland. It is the centre of Business and culture of Switzerland. The population of zurich is about 402,762 lacs according to 2016. The density of this city is 4,600 kilometre square. It is also a German part of the Switzerland. It is also known as the richest city of Switzerland. It is very beautiful and nice city . If you want to go on a tour then you can choose zurich in Switzerland and enjoy .


It is situated in Finland. Helsinki have a good quality and low level of pollution. It is the cleanest city of Finland. Finland is also a safest city to visit. It is one of the expensive city to visit. Helsinki is famous for sea facing ,landscape diverse ,architectures ,world famous designs and nordic cuisine. It is the capital of Finland also. It is the biggest city of finland. It is also known as Blue City. There are many places to visit at Saint Nicholas Church ,Koppatary market, helsinky zoo, Park etc.


New York is the biggest and main city of United State of America. It is situated in North East part of America. The rock is the most populous country of America. It is the main metropolitan city of world. It is the main centre of Business ,Finance, culture ,fashion and entertainment. It is the home of of at least Eight Hundred languages. The population of New York is more than 8399 million according to 2018. It is the largest city of USA. It is stands at the second position in cleanliness.


It is the capital city of New Zealand. It is stands at 4th position on cleanliness scale. It has the highest medium income in the country. It has the population of more than 2.1 1300000 according to 2017. It is famous for its tucked away was quickly cafes award-winning restaurant and great coffee. It is the safest country to visit. It is very good country. It is very e beautiful country to visit. If you want to go on a tour only or with your family then you can choose Wellington in New Zealand and there you can easily injoy and with safety you can live for 4 or 5 days are more than 4 or5 days.


It is also the cleanest city in the world white. It is situated in United Kingdom. It is also the capital of England. It is the most populous city of England. It is Global City in the field of politics education entertainment media fashion and other field. The area of London is 1572 kilometre per square full stop it is very beautiful city in very beautiful country. You can visit it with the great safety. There you can find many historical places and very beautiful storical places to to explore our. You can also choose London for your trip. They are you can get external knowledge for you related to London sculpture Civilization and the history of London also.


It has been ranked V cleanest city of the world. Singapore is a global commerce finance and transport hub. The national language of Singapore is Malai. The official language of Singapore is English Malai Mandarin and Tamil. Total area of Singapore is 72 5.7 kilometre square. The population of Singapore according to 2019 is 570 3600 lakhs. The density of Singapore is 7804 kilometre square. Singapore is really a very beautiful country. It is situated in Asia full storm in Singapore there are many many historical places full stop in Singapore there are many beautiful places to visit. It is very safest to visit Singapore. You can easily reach Singapore with Flight. There you can enjoy your trip to honeymoon etc.


It is situated in Norway. It is the capital of Norway. It is known for its green space and museums. The total area of Oslo is 4454 km square. The population of Oslo is 681 lakhs according to 2019. It is in world’s 5 expensive cities in which to leave. It is known for world’s oldest ski museums. It is a unique City it is a great place to visit and explode. The total area of Oslo is 4454 kilometre. The density of Oslo is 153 2.7 inhabitants per square kilometre. It is very beautiful country to live. It is really very neat and clean city e in Norway Country.


It is the most beautiful city in Japan. The population of Kobe is 15.4 lakhs according to 2015. It is Japan’s most attractive City. It is a soft place to live and visit. It is very safest to visit. It is known as Japanese toy town. It is also the cleanest city in worldwide. The population of Kobe is 15.4 lakhs according to 2015. The density of Kobe is 71 7.5 people per square kilometre. Total area of Kobe is 55 2.3 km per square. It is very clean and neat City. It is really very beautiful city. It is very good in pollution matter.
there is no pollution.

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