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Electricity is the main source of all the things in the modern age. Our all works a depend on electricity. As mobile ,fan ,cooler, AC, fridge ,geyser, mixer and other all things works when it have electricity . To complete our need it is important to have electricity but as you all know in paying the bill of electricity we have to face many problems. As we have to stand in line for many hours . we have to take leaves from our office . we have to take leaves from our college . if we have no time to go to paying the bill on time it takes extra charges. But now there is solution of all these problems. You need not to take leave from your office or college. You have not to stand in line for hours. In this digital world you can do all you work online. You can pay electricity bill from your home or anywhere . you have to use Paytm online service. This is the best way to pay electricity bill online. It is the main source to pay the electricity bill from anywhere at anytime. So let’s know……

how to pay electricity bill online from Paytm……………

Install Paytm.
Login Paytm.
Choose your state.
Choose the board which is situated in your bill paper.
Now feel your consumer number.
Inter customer number.
fill the amount which you want to pay. >Now click on proceed.
Choose your favourite electricity bill payment promo code and get your cash back and other offers.
You can see that your electricity bill pay successfully.

You can download payment receipt.
How to download your payment receipt. …
Go to your homepage.
choose profile.
Click on my orders.
Click on bill payment .
choose Paytm payment receipt.

How to pay electricity bill by google pay…………

Open Google play.
Slide down to a site.
tap on new.
Enter the name of the company which operates the electricity bill.
tap on payment .
choose account .
enter the amount .
tap upon payment .

how to check the bill detail in Google Play……..

Open Google play.
Slide down to up side.
Tap on the company which operates bill.
Here are you sleeping and non paying bills detail.

How to search the company which operates bill……

Open Google place .
slide down to up side .
tap on new.
Tap on bill payment a mobile recharge. >Tap on category .
here you see the list of Bill operators companies.

If you use these things to pay the bill of electricity then you have not to face many problems just like before.

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