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Hello friends today I am going to tell you about a searching platform which is called Google. So let’s know about Google. It is established on 4 september 1998 in California. It have searching above 20 trillion per day. It means in a second it can get about 55000 searches. It earns at least 55000 erupts Pade. All people use it to complete their needs. It is an American company. We never thought that we can get all the answers of all the questions on only one platform from anywhere. It is founded by surgery brain Larry Page. Its headquarter is in Mountain View California. The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai.

A lot of uses of Google as you can we use Google in many ways you can search anything at any time from anywhere also so Google is very important to complete our need .

    Google is important for all the students. It helps them to complete their study. As a students of board classes can get all the model papers solutions answers of all the questions by which they can prepare for exams daily easily. They can search all the subjects here as Hindi English Maths Science SST more related things and other things. As if they have any problem in the study they can also search their problem on Google and Google can help them to find the answer. There is a lot of students who are preparing for job as one day exams civil exams SSC banking NTPC lekhpal advocate IPS UPP and others. They need to know about all the subjects and current affairs for Stuff they can complete the study and preparation without joining any classes. And complete their preparation with only the help of Google and hard work. It is also important and helpful for graduation PG BTC B.Ed and for other level qualification and preparations. They can get all the the answer of related to their subjects as bio-maths history ethics environment political science social science science physics chemistry commerce and others.
    It is also helpful for all the job seekers related to all the categories. As you can search and get knowledge and information about all the vacancies for which you are preparing for Stuff if you need a private job according to your abilities and qualification Google also helps you to find the job according to you. As if you have the qualification of high school only are intermediate then you can also search for job on Google for your ability full stuff here you can also search job in all the factories and companies and other places. All the factories and companies are giving an advertisement for candidates for job seekers in the companies and factories. So you can easily search a job from anywhere for you good for you Tu on Google.
    If you want to be healthy then you can search about all types of diet and exercise that needs you. There is all the symptoms and prevention tips mentioned related to different diseases. You can also know about needy vitamins minerals Carbohydrate protein and fat. As you can also check about the calories present in your food here. There is also all the details of all famous doctors and surgeons and hospitals also with their address. So it is easy to keep you healthy with the help of Google. You can also use Google to keep you healthy while you are outside and in your home also or if you are in other countries and cities then you can also follow the diet and exercise tips and information given by Google related to your health problem.
    Google is also helpful for online shopping. As you all know that in the time of covid-19 you don’t want to go outside for shopping so you can also buy all the things from the help of Google. There is all the information about online shopping website and other apps for stop as you can buy household things furnitures grocery things tress products shoes and all the things which is need you with the help of Google. You can also search for your favourite dress and others on Google. Here you can find all the things avail as online shopping.
    Google is also helps you to know about all the places for example if you want to go anywhere on tour then you can also search best places to go on a tour in your budget. You can also search about historical places monuments building and other. And just imagine you are an unknown City you don’t know where is coffee shop grocery shop malls from where you can find taxis where is railway station where is Bus Station airport and others then what will you do. Google is also the solution of all these type of problems as you can also get information about all the place in an other things in all the cities and countries.
  6. HELPFUL TO SEND MONEY AND RECHARGE….. ………. …….. …….. ……..
    You can also send money to anybody from anywhere with the help of google . You have to use the feature of google which is google pay. You can also recharge your TV ,mobiles and others.

You can say that Google is very important in our life in different ways.

There is a lot of features of Google as Google Map YouTube play store photos drive and Gmail.


You all can use Google map to search about places cities can treat shop Mall grocery shops and other in all the countries and cities.

It is a very large video sharing site where you can upload and see all kind of videos related to all the categories.

Here you can download all the apps for Android. As apps games shopping apps beauty apps exercise app Health App social sites at books and other type of apps.

Here you save your photos and videos which is available for you in whole life. Here you get free Storage for photos and videos.

Here you all can save all the data which is important for you as photos videos recordings documents and other things.

Google also provides the facility of Gmail on it where you can send and get messages and information .

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