Famous Top 5 river in the world.

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It is the largest river in the world. The length of Nile river is 6,6 50 km. The nile name is come from the yunani word . the Neel is a major flowing river in North Eastern Africa. It runs through the countries as a Sudan ,South Sudan ,Uganda ,Congo ,Kenya ,Tanzania, Dhawan and Burundi. The width of this river is maximum 2.8 km. The nile has to major tributaries the white nile and the blue nile . It is started from Victoria stream and fall in bhumadhya Sagar.
It is very beautifull river also.

It is the second longest and the largest by water flow. The Amazon River in South America is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world. The length of this river is 6,575 km. It is is well known for a number of reasons. It is the greatest river of the South America and the longest drainage system in the world. The American river is in Brazil Colombia and Peru. The Amazon river is made up of 1100 tributaries. Its River system runs through three countries .20% of the freshwater that enters the ocean come from here . Amazon is a dangerous river because it is filled with amazing creatures as Anaconda, black Simon etc. It is no longer safe to drink.

It is the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world to how enfirely within one country .
The length of this river is 6300 km.The bridges on yangtze river are Nanjing Yangtze river bridge,wuhan yangtze river bridge and haiyin bridge etc.The yangtze has played a major role in the history ,culture and economy of China.It is the longest river in China.It is also third longest river in the world. From a thousands of years the river has been used for water irrigation ,sanitation ,transportation, industry ,boundary marking and bar. It is 30 feet deep. Some parts of its waters is dangerous for junks to navigate because of rocks. Their lives Chinese alligator ,dolphin ,giant softshell turtle, the Chinese paddlefish ,Tango lean and Golden monkey etc. The Chinese high fin banded sharks are native to Yangtze river basin of China.

It is a river .it is situated in England. England is situated on the bank of Thames River. It was the busy waterway in past. It is starting from 7 spring. It runs through Oxford, the winster, eaten and London etc . It fall in English Channel. It is the cleanest river in the world That how through the major City. the animal which live in the thames river are Perch, Roach, peak and bream. You can also eat fish from the Thames River. Themes is dangerous on so many levels. There also lives crocodile in the Thames River. Jumping into the themes from a breeze is extremely dangerous. It is also a beautiful river in the world.

It is a great river of the reason Siberia in North Asia. It stands flowing from the hills and enter in Russia. The length of this river is 3487 km. It is longest river system in the world. And the largest to drain into the Arctic Ocean. The deepness of yensei is 14 feet .it is very beautifull river.people use this river for their daily uses needed.they use this river for irrigation and transportation etc.

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