Famous 5 food in India

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Famous 5 food in India.
As you all know India is very beautiful and colurful city.India is full of diversity and unity

Mughlai dishes are very famous at worldwide from India. Mughlai is most famous dishes in India. Biryani is most famous dish of Mughlai style.It found easily in India. You can find it easily in India and India’s states. It is made by rice adding different types of vegetable . you can make it in your style means veg and non-veg both. It is also healthy because in this you find vegetables ,cheese and other nutrela things. The Biryani of Lucknow and Hyderabad is worldfamous. So if you want to taste Indian dishes or Indian taste so you can try it. You can also make it at home.

Some famous dishes of Mughlai style are……….
Mughlai paratha, mughlai chicken biryani , lahauri chicken ,Lahori mutton tikka ,Chicken Changezi ,murgh Makhani, keema mutton, meat Darbar, Kabab Mughlai ,Navratan Korma seek kabab ,rogan josh and Rogan Kabab etc.

Gujarati is also one of the famous dish in India. In every Gujarati dishes you find a little sweetness .although it have a little sweet flavour but it is not much oily. It is healthy because in Gujarati dishes we use very little oil to make it. It has really a good taste. Gujarati dishes are also worldfamous. You find a good taste of vegetarian variety.

Some popular Gujarati dishes are…………
Dhokala, Khakhra, Khandari ,kadhi ,Gujarati samosa ,Shrikhand with mango salad ,curry bardoll ki Khichdi ,Methi ka Thepla, dal dhokli, handvo, fafda etc.

90% Kashmiri dishes are made with gravy . This type of dishes is very healthy and tasty.It is also worldfamous and healthy. Kashmiri dish is also famous in the world. All people are like Kashmiri dishes. Kashmiri gravy dishes are served with tasty rice and in taste it is really amazing. For the vegetarian there is a lot of variety in Kashmiri food. The dishes of Kashmir included in world famous cousins.

Some famous kashmiri dishes……..
Mutton rogan josh,yyogurt lamb curry,paneer chaman,kashmiri saag,khatte baingan,dum aloo,kashmiri style mutton ribs ,haak ,nadroo,yakhni,chicken pulao.

I hope you all know about the famous dishes of South Indian. South Indian dishes are very tasty and healthy. This type of disease show a culture of South region . The Tourist who come in Tamilnadu, Kerala ,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh they become the lover of South Indian dishes.

Some famous South Indian dishes are…….
Vada, Idli ,utpan, Appam, sambar ,masala dosa moringa ,nariyal ki sabji ,nariyal ki Chatni ,malgapodi , Upma ,curd and rice, rava Kesari etc.

Punjabi food is also worldfamous and very tasty. You can find Punjabi food in Punjab in Pakistan also. Punjabi dishes are 80 percent made of butter and meat also. The famous dishes of Punjab is Sarso da saag and makke di Roti. It is cooking in all over the country from Delhi to Shimla and Patiala to Nainital Jabalpur to gangtok and Mumbai to Bangalore .it is all these places have a lot of Indian Punjabi restaurants.

Some famous Punjabi foods are …..aloo paratha, lachha paratha ,Butter Chicken, Baigan Bharta ,chhola bhatora etc.

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