Difference between desktop computer laptop and Android phone.

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Hello everyone today I am going to tell you about difference between desktop computer laptop and Android phone. I am going to tell you about also advantages and disadvantages of these devices. I am also going to tell you about that which one is best in these three devices so let’s start the topic.

As you all know that desktop computer were very famous before sometime. It have all the facilities available at that time which we need. But now it is not very famous because laptop and Android phones are making their value Hai then left desktop computer. So now I am going to tell you about the advantages of desktop computer so let’s start .

it is easy to use.
You all can play game on desktop computer .
you all can do typing on computer.
you all can search anything on computer.
You all can talk video calling with the help of external camera.
You all can do the same thing as laptop .
You can easily connect it with Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

. And now let’s talk about the disadvantages of desktop computer.

It is stable at only one place.
You can not move it to anywhere everyday.
You cannot move it to other places easily.
It have lower storage space than laptop.
Here you need external sound.
You need external keyboard and mouse. .
Here you also need external camera for video calling.
You can not carry it with you at travel time.
You cannot carry it in your pocket or small bags.
It have all the parts are separately so it is not easy to use.

Laptop is same as computer but it is better than computer. In features and system is also better than computer. You can carry it with you easily. You can use it in all the places as school colleges in travelling time function library bus train aeroplanes it is a . it make your work easy. with the help of laptop you all can do work easily. This is just like a personal computer. It is more expensive than desktop computer. The controlling component in laptop as central Processing Unit is processor. There is a hardwood drive it means memory storage in the laptop where you all can store a lot of things. There is also the facility of Random Access Memory which helps laptop to run faster. Laptop have a liquid crystal display. DVD or CD drive is the optical drive of laptop. Now let’s talk about the advantages of laptop.

Advantages of laptop…..

It is a portable device so it is easy to carry from one place to another.
It have a Long battery life so you can use it for a long time without power supply.
To enter the word our typing there is no need of keyboards first of the keyboard is attached with laptop.
There is also no need of mouse.
It have also the feature of mouse in laptop. So it is really easy and suitable for us.
It have also internal speakers so there is no need of external speaker while you are using laptop.
There is also the facility of Wi-Fi by which you can connect to the internet.
At size is really suitable to keep it with you or to keep it with for any other places in travelling time etc.
There is also the facility of bluetooth by which you can transfer and document song videos are any other things.
It have its own webcam so there is no need to external camera.
From laptop we all can video call to anyone from anywhere.
It need low power. It means it also says the use of electricity.
It is the best source of entertainment you all can see pictures movies songs are any other things on laptop.
You all can play game here.
You all can listen song here so it is really helpful for you.

Disadvantages of laptop……
It is very expensive than Android are desktop computer.

It is also not good for our health like desktop computer Android .
there is also a lot of difficulties in repairing them.
Upgrading of hardware are customisation is very difficult in this device.
It can be the cause of destruction.
There is more chances to damage of this device.
It can waste your time when you are not using it for your knowledge or any other important thing.

As I am talking about the device. Now I am going to tell you about the Android Smartphones. Now days we all are using Android Smartphones. There is a Android in all hands. So let’s define it. It was started from 2007 by Android Corporation. Android makes our life is now a days for stock Android can do same thing as laptop desktop computer in fact it is the best option between laptop desktop computer and Android Smartphones.

Now let’s talk about advantages of Android smartphones .

as you all know that we use Android phones for multi purpose.
As we talked with anyone from anywhere.
We can connect to them on video call.
we can send them emails SMS emails etc.
We all can also share our location to a family our close.
Everyone can use mobile Android phones easily . as we all can see that a child or any other old person using Android .
so this is easy for all the people.
It is very easy to keep our carry with you.
It can easily adjust in your trousers and jeans pocket are another small bags. >You can take it everywhere are easily. >You can charge it easily.
There is a long lasting battery backup in Android phones.
Nowadays people use Android mainly for the entertainment as you can use to play games on mobile.
You can listen song while walking exercise are anytime anywhere.
You all can watch movie video it easy on Android Smartphones .
it can keep you updated with current news gossips and important information.
You can also search anything from anywhere on with the help of Android Smartphones.
It is best for all type of social sites as Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter or any other App.


Best communication devices.
Best to sharing any type of information.
Best to file sharing device for stop it saves you time.
These devices have a large document storage space.
It can work like money making machine from home.
You all can pay your all type of bills from these devices.


Waste of time.
Lack of physical activity.
Poor blood circulation.
Headache and backache.
Cause of poor eyesight .
Insomnia and depression.

As I told you about all the advantages and disadvantages of desktop computer laptop and Android phones now I am telling about the best device between these two devices. So I am preferred Android smartphones at the place of laptop or desktop computer. Because it is easy to use it to carry easy to keep with easy to charge you can search anything from anywhere and there is a lot of advantages of Android phones I hope this article may be helpful for you.

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